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Mini Super CAN VAG VW/Audi Handheld Programmer Scan Tool

This super powerful reader gives you the ability to perform functions previously only available using expensive computer based tools! Works on almost any VW/Audi vehicle from 1990 to present, including CANBUS! At half the size of our full size programmer, this one is easily stored in places like your glovebox making it much more portable.

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This CANBUS VAG tool is a powerful, affordable handy scanner designed for all VW, AUDI, SKODA, and SEAT vehicles. It is small in size, robust in design, competitive in price and easy to use. At only around 10% of the cost of a large specialty tool, it can nearly perform the same functions as a VAG1551/1552. This is a stand alone unit; it does not need a laptop computer to operate.

This scan tool can support the following systems: Engine, Transmission, Airbag, etc. There are 78 systems available.

Even if you don't repair your vehicle yourself, knowing the Diagnostic Trouble Code number before taking the vehicle in for repair is good knowledge to have. Once the vehicle is repaired, the Diagnostic Trouble Code(s) can be erased and the Check Engine light turned off using this scan tool.

In areas that require a smog test, an illuminated Check Engine light fails the emission test, even if the repaired vehicle might otherwise pass inspection. This Scan Tool turns off the Check Engine light.

Another highly useful application for the scan tool is purchasing used vehicles. Used vehicles can have all sorts of expensive mechanical or electrical problems. Since our scanner is a portable device, the buyer can connect the scan tool to the vehicle and in a few seconds determine if the vehicle has detected a problem. Remember, not all Diagnostic Trouble Codes illuminate the Check Engine light and a scan tool is the only way to obtain the information.

This reader supports all 1990 and newer VW/Audi/Seat/Skoda protocols, including CANBUS: Attention! If your vehicle is 2003 or newer, it may require a CAN compatible reader.


Controller Area Network (or CAN) is the newest automotive communication protocol. CAN Protocol is around 50 times the speed of the older protocols.

CAN was used in some cars starting in 2003, and is said to be the only protocol that will be used after 2007.

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  • Control Unit Information.
  • Read Fault Codes.
  • Measuring Blocks.
  • Clear Fault Codes.
  • Basic Setting.
  • Adaptation.
  • Single Reading.
  • Output Tests.
  • Code Module.
  • Login.
  • Service Oil Reset.
  • Code Modes.
  • Dealership Code Set.


  • Low price: the price is only about 10% of expensive computer based tools.
  • Powerful functions: it can nearly perform the same functions as a VAG1551/1552.
  • Powered via diagnostic connector, no additional power is needed.
  • Plug and play, ease to use.
  • Highly reliable and accurate.


Works with Volkswagen and Audi (Audi/Seat/Skoda/Jetta/Golf/Beetle/Touareg/GTI/ Passat and more) sold worldwide as of 1990 and CAN Protocol cars.

picture of plug

Super CAN VAG VW/AUDI OBDII Handheld Programmer


  • Turn off the ignition switch.
  • Locate the 16-pin Data Link Connector and plug the cable into the connector.
  • Wait for the LCD Display.
  • Turn the ignition on (needn't start the engine) and press enter.
  • The scanner will now search for the specific protocol for your vehicle.
  • Follow On-Screen Prompts and Menus!


  • Dimensions: 117mm Length(4.6"), 72mm Width(2.83"), 22mm Height (0.87")
  • OBDII connector, 735mm (28.9")
  • Display:v128 x 64 Backlit LCD Pixel Display
  • Operating Temp. – 0 to 50 C
  • External Power: 10.0 to 15.5 volts provided via vehicle battery
  • 16-pin OBDII Standard Socket


menu screen