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Advanced VW/Audi Trouble Code Reader

Resets Airbag, ABS, Oil Service Interval Lights. Also displays complete code description — no need to look codes up in a code book!!

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This Professional VW/Audi Code Reader is a palm-sized portable scan tool for diagnosis based on VW's proprietary diagnostic protocol (ISO 9141-2 and ISO 14230-4(KWP2000)) It is specially designed for do-it-yourself customers and even professional mechanics to determine VW/AUDI problems. Unlike a generic OBD-II code readers that can only communicate with the engine of an OBD-II compliant (1996 or newer) VW or Audi, this powerful smart device can talk to all the 78 systems of VW vehicles, As an added benefit, the Code Reader includes the ability to reset the oil service and inspection, routine maintenance lights. It will also read and clear ABS and Airbag codes. What is more, it can communicate with pre-1996 models (not OBD-II compliant) vehicles. Simply plug the coder reader’s connector into the vehicle's 16-pin "OBD-II style" Data Link Connector (DTC) that is usually under the steering wheel and the vehicle’s on board computers will tell the code reader what the problems are. For those VW/AUDIs with old-style 2x2 Data Link Connector (DTC), you need to plug into a 2x2 cabling adapter. Not CAN compatible!


Controller Area Network (or CAN) is the newest automotive communication protocol. CAN Protocol is around 50 times the speed of the older protocols.

CAN was used in some cars starting in 2003, and is said to be the only protocol that will be used after 2007.

For CAN VW/Audi Scanners, see our store!


  • The meanings of DTC is displayed in text mode.
  • High pixel LCD interface.
  • Works with Volkswagen and Audi (Audi/Seat/Skoda/Jetta/Golf/Beetle/Touareg/GTI/ Passat and more) sold worldwide of 1990 or newer models.
  • Resets the Oil service and Inspection lights.
  • KWP 2000 protocol supported.


Works with Volkswagen and Audi (Audi/Seat/Skoda/Jetta/Golf/Beetle/Touareg/GTI/ Passat and more) sold worldwide of 1990 or newer models.

picture of plug

VW/Audi OBDII Code Reader


  • Turn off the ignition switch.
  • Find the 16pin diagnostic connector and plug in the tool.
  • Turn the ignition on and navigate through the easy to use on-screen menus!

That's it! Very simple and easy to use!


  • Display: Backlit LCD Pixel Display
  • Operating Temp. – 0 to 50 C
  • External Power: 10.0 to 15.5 volts provided via vehicle battery
  • 16-pin OBDII Standard Socket.


vw / audi screen